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Michael Hoffer, M.M.

   Michael is an avid composer, arranger, performer, and educator in Austin, TX. He received his Bachelor of Music from the University of Texas at Austin in 1999, earning a Performance Certificate in Trombone. His Master of Music in Composition was conferred by Texas State University in 2014, where he studied Electronic Composition from Richard Hall and traditional composition under Dr. Thomas Clark.

   Michael constantly writes original music for his band and choir programs at St. Louis Catholic School, as well as works with local musicians and film makers, arranging and scoring to their needs. He teaches at a summer camp for gifted and talented youths, creating curricula for video game programming, computer audio, instrument-building and various other classes.

   When not engrossed in music activities, he enjoys spending time with his wife in the great food and brewery scene and listening to his toddler narrate their every move.



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