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Imagine Good is a Japanese Folk Song Suite for Wind Ensemble. In a Grainger-like approach, the themes are presented in several ways, informed by the origins of the various folk songs. This piece was premiered at my Master of Music in Composition recital in the Summer of 2014.


This is one recent example of the dozens of Psalm setting that I have composed over the past 4 years.


This is a Spiritual-style song that encourages everyone who is down-trodden to pick themselves up using the God-granted strength to do so. This piece was written for and performed at the 2016 Diocese of Austin Choir Festival.


I composed this piece for my wife for our wedding. It starts out with the Latin words for Faith, Hope, and Charity, and the ensuing setting is of the traditional Latin chant "Ubi caritas et amor Deus ibi est," which translates, "Where there is Charity and Love, God is [there]." It was performed by the St. Austin Catholic Church choir and ensemble at our wedding, and again during another feast day.


I wrote this piece to evoke the idea of the mystery of the Presence of Christ within each person. This has been performed several times by the St. Louis Catholic School Choir, most recently at the final school Mass of Spring, 2018.

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